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Since the opening of the school in 1972 there has been a strong and sustained tradition of caring for our pupils in the progressive stages of their academic, spiritual, personal and social development. By doing so we assist all pupils to apply themselves fully and confidently to the learning process and acquire the skills, attitudes, concepts and knowledge necessary for a successful and satisfying school and future life.



The Pastoral system supports our caring school ethos. The Form Teacher has a detailed knowledge of the many individual needs, aspirations, interests and academic progress of each pupil in their class and will work with teachers, parents and others in supporting the learning and development of each pupil.



The Head of Year supported by a member of the Senior Leadership Team, oversees the general welfare of all pupils in the year group. We make available to pupils the help and support of a number of services to meet the varied and often complex needs of pupils. We also provide a Peer Mentoring scheme which provides additional support for pupils making the transition from primary to secondary education.




Safeguarding and Child Protection The aim of our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy is to protect our pupils by ensuring that everyone who works in our school - teachers, non-teaching staff and volunteers - has clear guidance on the detection and management of situations where abuse or neglect of a child is suspected. The central principle our staff support is that every child has the fundamental right to be safe from harm and to have proper care given to their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Anti-Bullying Lismore is completely opposed to bullying and will not tolerate any form of bullying behaviour. It is entirely contrary to our values and ethos as a caring community and is unequivocally rejected by all members of our staff. Our Anti-Bullying Policy is integral to our policy of Pastoral Care and it is firmly embedded in our School Mission Statement and School Aims and Objectives. Personal Development (PD) The pastoral care of our pupils means responding to their needs at a period of their young lives when they are growing physically and acquiring a wide range of knowledge and skills. By responding to the needs of our pupils we are: • helping them in the formation of values, attitudes and beliefs; • guiding them through a period of emotional instability; • making them aware of the influences, good and bad, to which they are subjected; • helping them develop good personal and social skills, and above all, • nurturing their self-esteem. Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) Our RSE programme provides structured opportunities for pupils to acquire a knowledge and understanding of human relationships and sexuality through processes which will enable them to form values and establish behaviour within a moral, spiritual and social framework. It encourages young people to examine and explore the various relationships in their lives and to learn how to develop and enjoy friendships which are based on responsibility and mutual respect. The RSE programme aims to encourage young people to make positive, responsible choices about themselves and others and the way they live their lives. Behaviour for Learning Behaviour for Learning It is of vital importance that teaching and learning take place in a disciplined and well-structured environment. The key to good behaviour is the development, within each student, of a strong sense of self discipline. The main focus of our Behaviour for Learning Policy is on the desirable outcomes of good behaviour, excellent relationships and positive attitudes to work. These are acknowledged and rewarded both formally and informally in the school. We also work in close partnership with parents, support services and other relevant agencies to promote positive behaviour management in all of our pupils. Caring Through Partnership
Counselling Services

Familyworks Schools Counselling Service

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Counselling in Lismore. Young people today are faced with many pressures and some who experience worrying problems find it difficult to progress with school studies and to reach their potential. Here at Lismore we are committed to providing your son/daughter with every opportunity to reach his/her potential during their time with us. While the support given through our pastoral care staff is of the highest standard we are very conscious that some young people appreciate the opportunity to speak to an adult who is not directly involved with their education. Independent school based counselling provides this opportunity. Our current counselling provision is supported by three external organisations which are Counselling 4 Youth, Barnardo’s Time 4 Me and Familyworks. A small private room is made available every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Sessions can last up to fifty minutes and appointment times are varied so that time is not lost from any one subject. Referrals are made through our pastoral care channels but the request may come from you, your child or a teacher. A key feature of the counselling service is that information is treated confidentially. This includes not discussing the counselling work with parents, unless the pupil requests or gives consent to this. This can be hard for parents to accept at times, but it is crucial for establishing trust so that pupils feel confident to speak openly about their concerns. However, if a pupil appears to be at risk of significant harm it may be appropriate to seek help from other agencies to keep them safe. If you want to know more about any of the services please feel free to contact any member of our Pastoral Care Team.


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